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October 28, 2013

Connect with Readers

Social sharing as a tool for connecting with readers

Social sharing can be a valuable tool when it comes to engaging with readers. Research conducted on the topic of social sharing found that social networking sites as Facebook has 1.15 billion users while Google plus has 343 active users.

This calls for actively engaging with the readers as this is a viable tool for driving reader engagement. Read on to know more and understand the things in a better perspective.

Engagement with the readers

One needs to ensure that one engages with the right kind of audience irrespective of the social networking platform one is focusing on. You need to be quite clear in your understanding as because if you lack clarity of vision, you can hardly expect people to engage with you.
The whole concept of reader engagement can be a tough task or easy indeed. This all depends upon your perception of the readers you have been dealing with.

For connecting with like minded individuals you can use search platforms as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln. However, if you are interested in connecting on a serious note
a variety of reader engagement tricks can be tried.

Display your social profile

Though it might sound odd, but if you mention your social profile and display the same at an appropriate platform where your readers can connect with you, half of the work is almost done.

It will surprise you so as to see a large number of people wanting to connect with you and your business endeavor. The same can be achieved only if the social profile has been displayed on an appropriate platform.

Displaying your social profile will make things easier for you but you need to get innovative to surpass others in the competition. Add a call to action forum at end of your blog post or web endeavor as this will bring you in close comfort with your readers and help bring out the best from within you.

Make regular contribution to communities

The rapid evolution of social media has resulted in the people finding new and innovative ways of connecting with each other. One of these are social media communities and the same help like minded people come together.

You can try communicating through Facebook groups, Linkedln groups and Google plus communities. Almost all of these platforms are regularly used by social media users and you will find a lot of like minded people in case you start contributing to these communities on a regular basis.

Do not ignore the social element

Remember the fact that real people often wish to engage with other people only. Getting smart will not serve any purpose and you need to research a lot for being authentic. Interact with people, understand their needs and come up with suitable ways to connect with these readers.

Online tools as Buffer and Hootsuite can be used for connecting and engaging with people. You can schedule share across social media platforms as Twitter, Facebook and Google plus through Buffer. Hootsuite is more of a social media dashboard and can be used on iPhone, iPad and the computer alike.

Offer a channel for communication

Any effort towards social sharing will go waste in case you do not leave a channel of communication open for the readers. Be it a blog or a Facebook page, opening a channel of communication with your readers will make things work in your favor.
Your readers will offer their suggestions and comments on the posts that you share with them. This will not only make you a better contributor but will also ignite the passionate minds from among your readers.

Young people in particular love to respond to every serious discussion and in case you follow this tip, rewards are guaranteed in form of increased reader interaction. You will like this for sure and your business prospects are all set to improve.

Invite guest bloggers

Social sharing through various social media websites not only calls for one way communication but also requires visionary approach on part of the writers. Invite guest bloggers as they too are a part of the wide reader community and can offer you valuable tips that will help you engage with readers.

These bloggers understand the readers mind well and can offer suggestions and tips that will help you as a writer to use the social media platform for connecting and interacting with your potential readers.

Follow the above listed tips and you are sure to emerge a winner when it comes to using social sharing as a tool to open channels of communication with your readers.

Guest Post by: Kelly Marsh