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September 17, 2012

Add Pages to your Blog

Adding pages to your blog is very important. Two pages every site should have are the "About" and "Contact". These pages will be visited often by your readers.

The "About" page helps your readers connect with you on a personal level. You can share information about your education, your interests or anything else. Including a picture of yourself is also a great idea. The "Contact" page allows your readers or potential sponsors/advertisers a way to reach you. I usually add a form on this page that my readers can fill out and it's delivered to my email.

1. The first step to adding a page is to navigate to your blogger dashboard. On the left side choose "Pages".

<img src="bloggerdashboard.jpg" alt="Blogger Dashboard">
2. Choose "New Page"

<img src="bloggerdashboard.jpg" alt="Blogger Dashboard">

3. The choose "Blank Page" or "Web Address". In most cases, you will add a blank page but some bloggers add a web address. By adding a web address, your reader will be directed to whatever URL you decide once they click on your page tab. For example, if you want your readers to contact you on Facebook, you would choose "Web Address", Title the page "Contact", then enter the URL to your Facebook profile, then click save. Then when clicked it directly brings up your profile.

<img src="bloggerdashboard.jpg" alt="Blogger Dashboard">

4. When you choose the Blank page, this is what you'll see:

<img src="bloggerdashboard.jpg" alt="Blogger Dashboard">

Section #1 - Title of your page, #2 - Enter a search description of the page and under options, you decide if you want others to be able to comment on your page or not. #3 - This is your body of the page. Enter your information here.

5. When your page is complete click preview, then Publish.

To change whether or not your pages are visible to others, see below.

<img src="bloggerdashboard.jpg" alt="Blogger Dashboard">

Go to Layouts, Pages Element, then click on Edit

The Configure Page List window will open

In the blue circle, you will see Automatically add more pages when they are published, Home, Contact, and About with checked boxes. If you want to manually add a page when you publish it, uncheck the top box. If you want to remove certain pages that are visible, uncheck the box next to the page title.

In the green circle, you can drag and rearrange the order in which your pages are visible.

When finished, click save

When you finish adding and setting up your About and Contact pages, make sure you set your Image Properties on any pictures you include on these pages.