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September 29, 2012

Add Social Icons to your Email Signature

By adding clickable social icons to your Email Signature, you'll allow your contacts to connect with you in seconds. Follow this step by step tutorial!

In your Google Email Account Click on Settings in the far right:

Scroll down till you see the "Signature" block:

The first window that populates is the "General" tab:

Add your name and whatever else you want displayed before the Social Icons:

You must prepare your social icons that you are going to use by re-sizing them and hosting them somewhere like Photobucket. You can also buy an already prepared Social Icon Set from me for $1.00. This set includes Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and Google. After you have the icons re-sized and hosted, position your Cursor where you want the icons to appear and click on the image icon:

The following window will populate. Then copy and paste the direct image url of the icon and click "OK":

Then using your mouse, drag and highlight the image you just added and click on the "Link" icon and a window will populate where you add the link to your profile: (i.e.

Repeat this step for each social icon you are adding then scroll to the bottom and click "Save".

Now go to "Compose" and send yourself an email message so you can test the icons. Click on them in the new email you received because they are not clickable in the "compose" view.

When your finished, send me an email to show off your new signature:

Or if you need any help please Contact Me.