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September 27, 2012

Adjusting the Width of your Sidebar

Have you ever added an item or widget to your sidebar that was much larger than the allotted space, which made it look like this:

If you have something in your sidebar hanging off because it's width is 270 and your sidebar is only 240....FIX IT! Either resize your sidebar, resize the item or remove it completely. This is a huge pet peeve of mine.

Follow these steps to resize your sidebar:

In your Blogger Dashboard go to Template

Choose Customize

In the top left choose Adjust Widths

Then you can adjust the sidebar width by sliding the toggle

Now it fits perfectly....

If you have a custom template, you can adjust the widths by going to the Template screen and choosing Edit Html, Ctrl + F and search for sidebar or sidebar-wrapper. You will see something like this:

In the above example both of my sidebar's are at 250px. Adjust the width by changing the numbers to whatever and click Preview to make sure your template loads correctly. If it does, click Save.

What pet peeve's do you have when it comes to your blog or someone else's?