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September 13, 2012

How to use Reddit

This post is in response to Catherine Holt's question on my Bloggers Talk Reddit.

Catherine writes at Smart Party Planning.

She wrote: How do you use reddit to your best advantage? I have tried to submit a few times (my posts and others) but sometimes I cant even find the link after I have submitted it. Any tips??


The way I use Reddit with my own posts is to first decide what category or subreddit you should submit it to. The best way to find the correct subreddit is to search for keywords. In Catherine's case she could search for DIY or party. Something that somewhat relates to her post.

After you know what subreddit you're going to submit your link to, click on Submit a link in upper right corner.

<img src="redditsubmit.jpg" alt="Reddit Submit">
This box will open up....

<img src="redditsubmit.jpg" alt="Reddit Submit">

Once you have submitted your link, you can view it by clicking on your user name in the top right.

<img src="usersettings.jpg" alt="Reddit User Settings">

You will then see all the articles you've submitted and any comments that others have left on them.

Keep in must follow the Reddiquette and Rules. Otherwise, your posts could be flagged or removed. Even worse, your account can be banned from posting in certain subreddits or suspended.