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September 20, 2012

Rapportive - View your Contact Profiles

Rapportive is by far one of my favorite tools. With Rapportive, you can view a contacts profile and see what networks they are a part of right from your Gmail or Google Apps Mail Account.

<img src="Rapportive.jpg" alt="Rapportive">

When you receive an email from someone, their profile will show to the right of your screen. Their profile shows information like their name, email address, what city they are in, where they work and what social sites they belong to. Basically, it helps you build your social network.

If you received an email from me, this is how my profile would look:

<img src="bonniesprofile.jpg" alt="Rapportive profile">

There is 100+ social networks you can link up to your profile. To see the list, you can visit the Help section on the Rapportive site.

To get this awesome tool, go to and click Install in the top, right corner.

Rapportive works with the following browsers only: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Mailplane, Fluid and Opera.

What do you think of Rapportive?