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October 3, 2012

5 Easy to Follow Tips that will Help your Blog Rank Higher

<img src="Blog Rank Higher.jpg" alt="Blog Rank Higher">

1. Incoming Links to your Site

The more inbound links you have from QUALITY sites, the higher your site will rank. If you followed my post on how to Improve your Alexa Ranking and installed the Alexa Toolbar, I'm sure you noticed it keeps track of how many sites are linking in to YOUR site. Later this week I will publish a post on how to gain inbound links.

2. Quantity and Quality of your Content

It is good practice to have a minimum of 4 new posts a week if you are trying to improve your ranking. The more you post new material, the more your site is crawled and indexed. Always make sure your posting fresh new content. Find out what is hot in your niche and get to blogging about it.

3. Spelling and Grammar

This drives me crazy. Use spell check always and try reading your post out loud before you publish it. I catch many of my own errors by doing this.

4. Check for Broken Links Often

Broken links can occur when a page has been moved or deleted. Many bloggers don't even realize this has happened. If you change the title of a page (not a post) you change the page url. A great way to find them is to Master your Blog with Webmaster Tools .

5. Know your Analytics

How many page views, revisits, click-throughs do you have? How many times did someone search for your site? What keywords did they use? How long did they stay? Do you know your bounce rate? Volume, consistency, uniqueness, relevance....this is all very important information you must know if you want to take your blog to the next level. If you know what is causing problems on your site, you know what needs improvement.

Do you know your Analytics?