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October 4, 2012

Meta Tags Explained

<img src="Meta Tags.jpg" alt="Meta Tags">

The other day I posted how you can Improve SEO by Improving your Meta Tags. Let's dive a bit further into the Meta Tags or elements and explain what they do for your site.

Meta Tags are the HTML or XHTML that provide data about a website. When bots crawl your site for indexing they gather your Meta Data. This helps your site be categorized correctly in search results. In my above noted post, the Meta Tag Generator provides the Title, Description, Keywords and Author Tags.

Meta Title

Your meta title will provide a summary to search engines about your website. This is what will appear on SERP's. (Search Engine Result Pages) It is good practice to keep your title tag below 60 characters.

Meta Description

Your meta description is just that. A short description, usually around 150 or so characters. You want to be as precise as you can about your website. This will also appear in the SERP's and is a way to grab the persons attention to bring them to your site.

Meta Keywords

Your meta keywords should obviously be relevant to your site. Do not repeat the same word more than once. Doing so would lower your ranking because it is considered keyword stuffing or spamdexing. Use commas to separate the keywords. Using between 5 and 10 words is common. Keywords I might use for A Little Unhinged: Blogger, tips, tutorials, social networking, marketing, SEO

Meta Author

Your meta author is optional. If you decide to implement this one remember to use your first and last name. This tag is not indexed by Google, Bing or Yahoo but used rather as a way to keep track of who wrote what page if you have more than one person contributing to your site.

Improving SEO by improving your Meta Tags is a great idea. However, it does not guarantee that your site will explode over night with traffic and rank higher by noon. You can read my 5 Easy to Follow Tips that will Help your Blog Rank Higher and check back here often for other great information and tips.

Do you use Meta Tags on your Blog?