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October 5, 2012

The Full No-Reply Blogger Tutorial

<img src="No-Reply Blogger. jpg" alt="No Reply Blogger Tutorial">

First, let's take a look at what a "No-Reply Blogger" is.

A No-Reply Blogger is a blogger that has no e-mail address associated with their Blogger profile.

Here's what happens if you are a No-Reply Blogger:

1. You leave a comment on Baking in a Tornado.

2. Karen, at Baking in a Tornado has notifications of her blog comments coming to her gmail account.

3. She reads your comment and clicks "Reply" from the email notification but gets an error that says "NO-REPLY BLOGGER".

4. Karen then freaks out and throws a fit because she is unable to reply via email.

All because YOU don't have your setting correct! Way to go you "No-Reply Blogger".

Now that we have pointed out your faults....let's get those settings changed shall we?

There are many tutorials online on how to change this. However, every one that I have seen is assuming that you are still using the Old Blogger Profile. Well I'm not and neither are the three bloggers that have contacted me asking why their Blogger Dashboard wasn't showing the same screens as in these tutorials.

How do you know if you are in the new or old Blogger?

In your Blogger Dashboard, top right corner, you should see a wheel like the picture below. If you click on the wheel and your third option is Revert to Blogger Profile you are currently in the new Blogger also know as the Blogger that is connected to your Google Plus Account.

Click on "Revert to Blogger Profile" and you will see the below screen where you will click "Switch to a limited Blogger Profile":

The next screen you will see below. Here you will need to enter your name and then click to "Continue to Blogger".

On the next screen, again in the top right corner next to your name, click the arrow.

Then click "Blogger Profile".

Then one more time, top right corner, click on "Edit Profile".

The next screen is the mother load.... alot of it is self explanatory. The top two sections is what we need to change today.

Privacy: Second option, "Show my email address". Place a check it the box to become a Reply Blogger!

Identity: Second option, "Email Address". This is not the email address you sign into Blogger with, this is the email address where you will receive your comment reply's from other blogs. If you are worried about getting Spam, make another email address just for this purpose. When you are finished, scroll to the bottom and click Save. Simple as that!

To connect your Blogger profile back to your Google Plus account, get back to your Blogger Dashboard, click the wheel in the right corner again, fourth option is "Connect to Google+". Click it and on the next screen, place a check in the box next to:

I've read the above and fully understand that my public Google+ profile will now be associated with all of my blogs, and I'm ready to switch to a Google+ profile on Blogger.

And click "Switch". On the next screen you will asked whether you want to connect your blog to your Google Plus profile.

We are done my friends!!! You are no longer a No-Reply Blogger!!!!