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November 17, 2012

Blogging Tips for Bush Leaguers

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To write isn’t a big deal, but to write what readers adore takes a lot of big effort. So if you are planning to step in the blogging industry, the bed isn’t full of roses. You may be a good writer, but when it comes to blogging you need to catch the nerve of your readers. The trick to being a great blogger is that you need to blend your writing style in such a manner that neither your creativity gets affected nor the reader’s interest.

Before you start a blog post, it's a great idea to research other articles out there about the same subject and believe me, you can find many adjure articles online. What are the things that kept you in the article? The best or the most emphasizing thing that I find is the repetition of a phrase that you are talking about, so as not to let the background go off. 

So for your beneficiary touch, you can keep following the tips underlined: 

Get a familiar keyword for your article

Many researchers have proved that long tailed keywords are always a better choice than the short ones. Just squeeze out 3-8 words for making a long tail keyword. And like it’s said, long tails tailor competition, so your content may rank high with your efforts.

Always prefer attractive titles

Play with natural words to form your title. Natural words won’t work out if the grammatical parts are weak. Also, always get an appealing article that could grab better traffic. Try to think of a phrase that a person might type into Google and craft your title after that. At times people search interrogative sentences, so a questioning title may mobilize traffic to your content. Make a blend of grammatically correct and appealing content.

Keep readers in mind, always write useful articles

Good content can be rewarded by an ample number of readers, so now your concentration should stick to your readers and their choices. Always try to get the topics that are loved by the readers and are at the same time useful to them. In short, try to write an article that can entertain as well as educate them at the same moment. Also, never go beyond what the title suggests.

Don’t go for content that has time relevance

Never bring your creativity under a topic that may die in a month or two (in sense of relevance). Always bring up content that could be cherished by your readers for a long time.

Put in groups of phrases similar to keywords 

Use the phrases that may be known as the variations of the keywords you have used. For example, if the phrase you are contemplating is “buying coffee beans”, synonymic-ally related variations of that phrase would be:

*buy coffee beans

*buying coffee beans

*where to buy coffee beans

*where to buy beans

*how to buy coffee beans

You can get these keywords if you just shuffle around search engines and never make grammatical errors in such phrases as it may put you down.

-Written by Sara Bruce. An SEO analyst who predominantly works on removing negative remarks on sites. Do you face negative reviews about your Business/Services? Do visit our pages on ‘Remove negative reviews’ & ‘Remove rip-off reports’ to get rid of it.