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November 27, 2012

How Backlinks Work to Your Advantage

<img src="Backlinksadvantage.jpg" alt=Backlinks work to your advantage">

Backlinks DO work to your advantage. Wondering how? 

There is a thing called Google relevancy for every site on the web that specifies how relevant the site is during a web search. So if your website is coming up in the top searches using a keyword, then its Google relevancy is high. Google relevancy is dependent on how many votes the site gets that becomes the PageRank of a site. And of course, as we all know, the PageRank of the site is in turn dependent on how authoritative the content is- measured by how many quality backlinks (votes) you get.

Now, the more you spread word of your website around the web, more are its chances to be elected among the higher PageRank sites. And how do we spread the word (you would know in case you read our post on What are Backlinks)? We spread it through...It all comes down to (yes, it’s an easy guess) – BACKLINKS.

Google algorithms find these backlinks and so do other people. So just make sure they’re quality links and not garbage, otherwise you’re website will never get any votes. Yes, even the algorithms can find out the QUALITY of a backlink; after all, they are made to think and act like a human!

Link Earning

Now, I realize how I’ve been going on and on about collecting links for your website and just what makes the Google Bot tick. But for these tips to actually work for you, I will emphasise on the righteousness of the motive behind it.

Google Webmaster Quality Guidelines says, “Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines.” Since people were still using black hat techniques, Google made its search algorithms think like humans so now whether you make your website for users or for search engines, you’re trapped anyway! But just stick to creating websites for users.

By doing that you EARN backlinks and relevant traffic. In fact, I am trying to understand link building as a by-gone foe that I’m happy to be rid of. NEVER am I going to BUILD links. Yes, I’m going to quote Rand Fishkin here.

"Stop link building and start link earning."

An effective SEO technique would definitely be to go about your own business like you do, and promote it on your website just like you would promote it on a billboard (Not talking about the $ here). You don’t need to stuff keywords just like you don’t need to stuff the billboard, for one. Just try to keep your marketing strategy simple and to the point – makes it easy for your customers!

How many times have you faced a situation where a friend or a friend’s friend or a total stranger has inboxed you to “like” their photo for a competition on Facebook so that they win. ‘Most likes will win the competition’ kind of scenarios. I don’t know about you, but it annoyed me the very first time someone told me to do that for them! I thought, I will like the photo that I like the best in this competition if this competition interests me.

All I’m trying to say is, forcing people to boost up your chances to win a competition or be a high-ranking website is just plain annoying. So just in case you were starting to think of Google’s Panda, Penguin and their algorithm updates as a threat to your website, think again.

P.S. : Of course, you can pay Google to sponsor your link during a search, but that is not what SEO techniques are for right? SEO techniques are for the organic search results, albeit a little comprehensive and tiring, but – and this is the best part - inexpensive!

Keep a tab on your backlinks – where they are originating from, their quality, their contribution to the overall traffic on your site. You can do so through these excellent tools available on the internet to check backlinks, like: Ahrefs, SEOMoz, Open Site Explorer and MajesticSEO.

P.P.S.: Your competitor websites will have a good number of quality backlinks too. You can check them and add them to your list of backlinks as well! Check your and your competitor’s backlinks on your SearchEnabler Analysis. Go to Links and Link Analysis and click on the Links tab.

Chhavi is a writer, compassionate about poems that she diligently puts up on her blog. She is also a blog author for SearchEnabler, the on-demand SEO platform for start-ups, SMBs and marketers.