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November 14, 2012

How to Utilize RSS Blog Directories - Plus a Clickable List

<img src="RSSBlogDirectories" alt="RSS Blog Directories">

There are many benefits of submitting your blog to free RSS Blog Directories. The top two being (1) gain traffic and possibly subscribers and (2) increase backlinks to your blog, which helps with SEO. Let's look a bit further into each of these benefits.

When you submit your blog feed to Blog Directories you can gain traffic and possibly subscribers. Upon submitting your blog to a directory, some of the information they ask for is the category your blog falls under and your blogs description. It's very important to list your blog under the correct category and describe your blog honestly and completely. This will be the way others locate your blog and listing your blog incorrectly might result in an increased bounce rate.

This is how you gain traffic: Let's say for example, that I was looking for other blogs that were categorized like mine. A Little Unhinged usually falls under Internet or Technology because of the tips and tutorials that I write. To other blogs like mine, I would find the correct category, browse through and find other blogs that I might want to visit. If a blog about software, that should have been under the Computer category, was listed under Technology, and I clicked on it and realized that this was nothing at all to do with what I was looking for, I would leave immediately. This is bounce rate! I might even return to that directory listing and leave a bad review because I'm having a bad day and think they just wasted my time....because my time is precious. ;) (You get my point)

You also increase backlinks with blog directories. When you submit to these directories, you list the RSS feed URL of your blog. These directories either create a link to your home page or keep a running list of past and future posts. It depends on the directory. Thus creating a backlink to you. If you need help finding your blog feed, please email me at

So now that you know WHY submitting your blog to Blog Directories is important,  the next step is to start submitting. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of directories. The best way to start your link building campaign is to find a good list of directories and submit your blog information to at least 10-15 daily. Doing more than this daily could possibly hurt your campaign. Search engines might start to get suspicious of your blog and think you are spamming.

Below, you will see a running list of Blog Directories. This list will be frequently updated, so make sure you come back often and check out the new listings. Also, if you visit a listing and find it spammy or no longer working, feel free to leave a comment below saying so. Some require you to set up an account and others do not. Also, some require you to provide a reciprocal link. This means that they want you to put a link on your blog back to their website and they will list your blog and feed or they may ask that you host their button. A few listed require a fee for the listing but majority of them are FREE. I tried to keep it in alphabetical order but putting this list together was rough enough. I've literally repeated the alphabet to myself all day and my brain is now fried. If you have any questions about submitting to directories, please leave a comment below. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.