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November 2, 2012

How to get your Website Indexed by Google and Bing

<img src="Get Indexed for better Seo" alt="Get indexed for better Seo">

The entire purpose of storing an index is to optimize speed and performance in finding relevant documents for a search query. It is basically the same when you hear someone mention web indexing. When your site is indexed, this means that robots have crawled your site and indexed its content and will now begin to appear in search engine results.

Previously, people worried about getting indexed by Google, Bing and Yahoo. Now that Bing and Yahoo have combined there is a little less to worry about. Nevertheless, it is a major concern of website owners.

Eventually, every website is indexed I suppose. There are some things you can do to speed up the process though. Here are some quick tips on how to get your website indexed by Google and Bing quicker than normal.

1. Submit your website to Google and Bing.

When you submit your website or blog to them you are saying, "Hey, come check my website out"!

2. Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools.

Then submit your sitemap feed to them. This will tell them the structure of your site and also it makes them aware of any pages that might not have normally been discovered. Check out my post Master Your Blog With Google Webmaster Tools.

3. Submit your sites feed to aggregators. 

Aggregators are indexed constantly because there is continuously new content being published on them. Here is a great list: 68 Aggregators and Directories List

4. Join blog communities.

Blog communities usually have high page ranks and when you join their site they allow you to list your website or blog. Another great list you should check out: 80+ Online Communities for Bloggers and Webmasters

5. Join Social Sites and be active on them.

Check out 101 Social Networking Websites and make sure you submit your most popular posts to Social Bookmarking Sites. 125 Social Bookmarking Sites

6. Check your website or blogs stats. 

Not only do stat checkers display how many visitors you have, website monetary worth and a lot of other helpful information you could use but it creates a page on their domain for your site. Here are a couple to try:

Website Outlook

7. Last but least, remember to add new content to your site often.

The more often you add new content, the more often the bots will return to crawl it. A minimum of two to three QUALITY posts a week is a great place to start. Makes sense right?

Are you already indexed on Google? You can check here:
Check for a certain keyword on your blog here:
(You also just got two quality backlinks if you visited these sites and checked your blog)