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November 20, 2012

The Importance of Content and Optimization

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One should never confuse content with optimization, as both of them are two different aspects of one single thread. Content is a preacher for reader’s world-the readers here are those who get impressed by the points and the weights of your article. So for content the targeted group are readers. Whereas optimization belongs to the world of machines –search engine robots that are in search of relevant keywords that are entered by their website visitors.

The strength of content

People generally tend to believe the content available on the internet without any question. At times the quality really falls down and perhaps even the factual quality. While reading an article a viewer always expects the writer to talk only about the keywords that he has been searching for. The expectation is lawfully up to the mark but generally this doesn’t happen. Why not? The answer is what every content writer knows, to write an article is easy but to portray your creativity in such a manner that it may attract readers, takes a lot of creative work walking hand in hand with editing.

The concept of optimization

There are two similar terms, optimization and flooding. It totally depends on you and how many words you want to drag in a single text, so that it may become highly optimized and as well as impossible to read. Still such tips can be heard in the market that having a bundle of keywords makes your content strong. So it’s very necessary that you manage the keywords in your content so well that it flows well with the context of your tale and also makes it readable. That is where a good content optimization expert shows his flair.

Mixing the two

So the final quest in your mind is that who is a good content optimization expert and how to recognize his work quality? He will be the king of expertise in website copywriting with promotion skills and definitely you can call him as a great story teller. He is well enlightened about the SEO techniques and will apply them very well to highlight your webpage.

-Written by Sara Bruce, An SEO analyst who predominantly works on removing negative remarks on sites. Do you face negative reviews about your Business/Services? Do visit our pages on ‘Remove negative reviews’ & ‘Remove rip-off reports’ to get rid of it.