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December 5, 2012

The Blogger Follow Limit of 300 - How to get Around it

<img src="GoogleBlogger.jpg" alt="Google Blogger">

The other day we published a post about the limits of your Google Blogger Account. You can read it here: Google Blogger Account Limits

One of the limits to your Google Blogger Account is that you cannot follow more than 300 blogs in your Reading List.

You will only see this message if you are adding blogs to your reading list through your Blogger Dashboard.

There are a couple ways around this error message so that you do not have to unfollow anyone.

1) Follow a blog via GFC (Google Friend Connect) - GFC is my favorite way to follow blogs but not all blogs have this option.

2) Follow a blog via Google Reader. There are two ways you can access Google Reader. The first way is from your Blogger Dashboard. You'll see the words "View in Google Reader" to the right of your reading list.

The second way is to go to and manually add the blog url to Google Reader. To do this click on the "Subscribe" button in the top left side of your screen. A small window will pop up below it where you can type or paste the blog url into. It says to add the "feed url" but you can just add the blog main url. In the picture below, I am adding After you enter the url click the "Add" button and you're done. The blog will begin to appear in your reader immediately.

Hope this helps! Later this month we're publishing a post about how to add all of your feeds to Microsoft Outlook. That way you can get all of your emails and RSS subscriptions in one place. Check out our post schedule and as always...if you have a suggestion or questions, please contact me.