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December 13, 2012

Breaking News-Bonnie to take Blog Break

Say it can't be so......

Unfortunately, it is! I will be taking a break from blogging for a while. If you've been following A Little Unhinged then you're aware that I normally post 4-5 times weekly. These posts consists of tips and tutorials on blogging, social networking and marketing. I also provide personalized assistance to any and everyone who needs it, whenever they need it, which has been no problem until recently.

In June of this year, I stopped working outside of the home and became a stay-at-home-mom. I quickly got tired of sitting around doing nothing and got into blogging after a friend suggested that I check it out. It consumed me whole heartily and I immediately fell in love with the blogosphere and everyone in it.

When I first started this blog, it was made up of my ramblings and rants. Check out one of my very first posts here: Sarcastically Ode to My Baby Daddy. I quickly learned everything I could by reading articles online and by checking out books at my local library on topics that interested me. Topics like html, blogging, networking....etc. Then one day it hit me, I wanted to help other bloggers out by providing an endless amount of support and research so they wouldn't have to work so hard to grow their blog and succeed. Which is what I've been doing since July of this year and I absolutely love it.

However, due to being strapped for cash during the holidays and personal plans that my husband and I have made to better ours and our children's lives, I've decided to go back to work outside of the home. It's for the best and really is necessary at this time.

I know for the next two weeks my schedule will be extremely hectic and will need every bit of free time that I do get to rest. Next week alone I am scheduled to work almost 80 hours. So I will NOT be posting in this time. I hope to pick back up at the beginning of 2013 where I left off.

With that being said...I want you all to know that if you DO need me, I am still an email away. I will still be able to answer questions, reply to comments and help with stuff when you break it or can't figure something out. I will always find time to help my friends out...remember that! Also, if you're interested in doing a guest post here on A Little Unhinged and maybe sharing some tips or tutorials of your own on blogging, social networking or marketing, I would love to publish them. Email them to me at

You will also still see me on Facebook and if you haven't connected with me yet on there, please do so.

P.S. I'll still be visiting you all in my spare time and I'm looking forward to keeping up with your holiday posts. I've pre-scheduled my Christmas Holiday Infographics for every Saturday morning for the remaining of December.