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December 12, 2012

Guest Post Etiquette for Bloggers

<img src="guestpost.jpg" alt="Guest Post Etiquette">

Did you catch our post last week about Setting Standards for your Guest Authors? We listed some great pointers that can help you maintain control of the situation when YOU are allowing guest posts and authors on your blog.

But what happens when you are the guest author on someone else's site? We put this list together for you to kind of help out with this question.

Guest Post Etiquette for Bloggers

1. Stay with what you know! If you know a lot about crafts, find a blog about crafts. Food? Find one that specializes in sharing awesome recipes...and so on and so forth. Find the correct niche and then the correct blog. Don't contact someone about publishing your guest post if your post will not appeal to their readers and definitely don't try to wing it. If you don't know anything about their niche just walk away. No need to make yourself look silly! :)

2. Be professional and fun! When you contact the blog that you are wanting to guest post for, be professional and fun. You need to show them that you know your stuff and you have a wonderful personality that will shine through your post and really grab their readers attention. Tell them what you will write about, tell them a little about yourself. Give them the link to your blog, let them check you out a little bit.

 3. Give it your all! Once you get the approval for the guest post, give it your all. Your post should be AMAZING! Be witty, humorous, beautiful and Ms. or Mr. Know it All! This is your chance to gain more followers. Watch for spelling and grammatical errors. Use spell check first, then read it aloud a couple times. Walk away for a moment...then come back and read it once more. Catch any and every mistake and correct it. And remember.....If it's not something you would post on your blog...don't submit it to someone else for publishing.

4. After it's been published....Promote that sucka! Share with all of your readers and followers that you have written a guest post and the URL to where they can find it. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+,Reddit...where ever! Market it like it's the end of the world. Remember to respond to comments left by others on your guest post. Challenge them...encourage them...interact with them!

5. Follow Up! No matter how the guest post turned out, always take the time to thank the blogger that allowed you to publish a guest post on their blog. Your blog will grow as your rapport and relationship with other bloggers grows.

A couple last minute tidbits to remember when you are the guest author:

1. Don't submit the same post to multiple blogs. This is really annoying and once you are found out...the word will spread like a wild fire. :)

2. Check with the blog owner about how many links back to your blog you can use. Some only allow a couple backlinks...while some allow none. Double check BEFORE you submit the post for review.

3. Your guest post should be in your own voice. Don't cuss, rant and rave on your blog, then publish a guest post where you portray yourself as an angel. Any "potential" new followers you get from your guest post will jump ship as soon as the F Bomb pops up on your blog.

What Guest Post Etiquette tips would you like to add?