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December 4, 2012

How to Reinvent Content Marketing

Content is the primary element when considering Internet Marketing. Content drives conversions and increases sales directly and indirectly. Simply put, content is not only indispensable but also vital. In my opinion, everyone is bequeathed with this knowledge. However, many practice content marketing which is flawed or old fashioned and hence the need to reinvent.

Information is not enough:

If your perspective of content is to pass information then you are mistaken. Maybe you were right in the nineties. For the present, this theory has failed. The reason is obvious as everyone does it. In marketing, you need to stand out. Passing information is necessary but not enough to market.

In this post, I shall teach you other ingredients apart from information to boost content marketing strategy.

Real Examples:

Examples are necessary. However, they should be real and with proof. Readers are well educated hence the old ways of making up examples no longer works. One might succeed with false examples but will never survive dynamic changes online. False examples will eventually be unmasked resulting in losing your reader base. Therefore, instead of being opaque and keeping your readers under shadows, educate them with real examples.

Go the extra mile:

Most of us only complete tasks that are required of us. Unfortunately, such people are just average with low ambitions achieving less or nothing. Success requires going the extra mile and Content Marketing is no different.

You can always take the extra mile with content by educating more than necessary; by providing more information; by taking care to not only write flawlessly but by the proper choice of words and by elaborating facts for better understanding.

Never shorten content and be afraid of linking out:

While I was writing for SEO audience, I had the worst habit of assuming things. At times, I would assume people knew the concept and hence would skip it. This eventually led me to writing shorter and incomplete posts. Engagements and comments were totally out of question. I found this mistake while noticing the bounce rate which was 92%.

The reason we skip key points is due to the assumption that the reader might be aware of it. Generally, this assumption is stemmed from the fact by considering your audience is well informed within the field. The assumption might be true but risks losing those who are ill informed.

At such instances, elaboration of facts and ideas is vital. This is the reason why linking should be done. Sadly, most will consider linking to other content as unfavorable. Personally, I understand yet I would emphasize on the need to link or elaborate the content. I guess linking will be a lot easier.

Be Unique and Stand out from the crowd:

You need to stand out. There are loads of people you will be competing with. The only way is to stay unique which will in return help in standing out in the crowd. Uniqueness can be anything. It can he humor, wittiness etc., staying unique will ensure you are visible and easily found in the crowd.

Richie Richardson works at as a WordPress developer. He is also passionate about SEO. At times, he helps the company with web development outsourcing and marketing.