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January 20, 2013

Duplicate Content and Ratings

What is Duplicate Content?

Duplicate Content is content or blog posts that appear in more than one place on the internet. This can happen a couple ways. 1) You write a guest post for another website then decide you want to publish it on your own blog or website later. Or maybe you take a post that is already on your blog and submit it somewhere else for a guest post. 2) Someone steals or copy's your content and publishes it on their own website or submits it somewhere else for a guest post.

What's the problem with that?

The problem with Duplicate Content is that search engines don't know how to rank or rate the content. Example: This article is published here on A Little Unhinged. Let's say I publish this same article or a large block of it as a guest post on another site. Which site will get the link credit and get indexed? Which site will appear first in search results?

Here's a couple simple tips to help you avoid Duplicate Content:

1. Set your Preferred Domain: In your Google Blogger Dashboard
(Only if you have a custom domain) --->Settings--->Basic--->Publishing

Click on Edit in the Blog Address section and make sure the box is checked next to where it says: Redirect to

This will ensure there are not 2 instances of your posts being indexed by Google. One using and the other using

2. Make sure your getting Links Back with Sydication: If you read our post on How to Utilize RSS Blog Directories - Plus a Clickable List you might have submitted your blog to many different sites to increase traffic and followers. Make sure these sites are providing a link back directly to your blog post. I believe all of the ones we listed do link back.

3. Avoid using the same post on different websites: If you have submitted a guest post somewhere, don't use the exact same post on another site or even your own blog. If you use large blocks or chunks of duplicate content, at least make sure you are providing a link back to the original content.

You can read a lot of other great information about Duplicate Content from the Google Webmasters themselves. Check out the links below!

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