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January 3, 2013

Why and How to Ping Your Blog

<img src="pingmyblog.jpg" alt="How to Ping Your Blog">

Why You Should Ping Your Blog

When you ping your blog you are telling search engines and blog directories that you have new content available. These parties in turn send their spiders/bots to crawl your website and index its content immediately. Which means that your blog will appear in search engine results quicker bringing more traffic to your blog. Your RSS feeds will stay current on blog directory sites also.

You should always ping your blog any time you make major changes to your template or layout, publish new posts or change your feed settings. Your blog platform (i.e. Blogger, Wordpress...etc) may automatically ping your blog but they do not notify all interested parties. Especially, if you followed our previous post: How to Utilize RSS Blog Directories - Plus a clickable list.

How You Can Ping Your Blog

1. Go to one of the below FREE sites to Ping Your Blog

Ping My Blog
Feed Shark
Blog Ping Tool
Google Blog Search
Submit Pro

2. Fill out the information required. They will usually ask for the Blog Name, Blog URL and your Blog Feed or RSS URL. On some sites you will have to check which services you want to notify of updated content on your site, I always check them all. On other ping sites you might have to enter a captcha code or agree to their terms before you can get pinged.

3. Click submit or "Ping my Blog" and your done.

One MAJOR thing to remember before you get started pinging. If you did not update your blog, meaning there has been no new content published or major changes on your blog since your last ping, DO NOT PING YOUR BLOG. If you repeatedly ping your blog and there is no new content you are Spinging or Spam Pinging. This can cause your blog to be removed from certain ping services and black listed from search engines. Thus, completely ruining your attempt to gain more traffic to your blog.