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February 14, 2013

All about SEO

You can hardly find people in this world who are unaware of “The Internet”, and they are all aware of how to search for a certain page or website over the Internet. Generally, when you need to search something, you simply go to Google and type in the search bar whatever you want to look for. According to your typed phrase, Google returns multiple pages to you from which you get to choose your particular page. Has the question ever run through your mind about how all this happens? How Google, with infinite web sites registered on its server, gets to give you the exact page you want with just a little phrase you entered on its search bar? A simple answer to your question is “Search Engine Optimization”.

Search Engine Optimization, commonly abbreviated as SEO is a process by which a web site gains appearance on a search engine. The pages on a search engine appear based on ranking. There are certain criteria upon which a search engine ranks a web page. The higher the rank, then the higher the possibility of finding the page. It is the most important part of an SEO’s job to get their page as high ranked as possible to make it appear among the first few links on the search result, as a user does not have the patience to flip through several pages. The higher your page is on the result, higher are the number of visitors. This increases your page value and at the end draws customers to you. This way of promoting website online is termed as Internet Marketing.

Other than page ranking, another string of SEO is “Writing”. Whenever you see a page online, first thing to attract you is the look and feel of the web page. However, to yield a materialistic result out of your page, content is the focus. Content is what you read on a page. Different articles, blogs, news etc are all part of the content. The Ranking part of SEO drives you to the website and the Content part drives you to product, service or knowledge that you offer on your site. The quality of content plays a tremendous role in attracting people to you. The purpose of quality content is to make the reader stick to your page and keep them interested in reading what you have written. When the SEO writer writes a page, she adds a few special words called as Keywords to their article. The user then searches a page online, the words they enter into their search bar are compared with the keywords in an article. All the sites that match with those keywords are reflected back in the search results, with the high-ranking sites placed on top. Therefore, keywords play an important role in search engine optimization.

So what if a SEO takes advantage of it and places too many keywords in their article to make it appear high on search results? Well, let’s just say Google is too smart for them. There is a limit to the number of times you can use the keywords in your article or else it leads to keyword stuffing.

Once your site is properly created, keeping in mind the above mentioned techniques, you can easily drive traffic to your site and provide people with quality information about yourself and your product or services. Adding to it, a practice of creating backlinks on other web sites potentiates your webpage value. SEO is a job of absolute interest. The more you dig in it, the more fun follows.

-Authored by Sarah Bruce. An SEO analyst, who works on removing negative remarks from websites, Visit our pages ‘Remove negative reviews’ & ‘Remove ripoff reports’ to get rid of negative reviews about your site/services.