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February 2, 2013

Gain a Link with Pinterest- Includes Video Tutorial

Have you linked to your Blogger Blog through your Pinterest Profile yet?

If not, what are you waiting for? Not only are you gaining a solid link back to your blog (5 Ways to Improve your Blogs Ranking) but you will also gain traffic to your website.

Follow these steps below to get yours set up. Also, there is a video tutorial below the post!

How to Link back to your Blogger Blog from Pinterest

1. Once logged in to your Pinterest account, hover your mouse over your name/picture in the top right corner of your screen and then click on settings.

2. While on your Pinterest settings page, scroll down to where your Blogger Blog is listed under Profile Info and Website. If it is not listed already, go ahead and put your blogs address and scroll down to the bottom and click Save. Once you have your blog listed, you will see "Verify Website" to the right of your blog address. Click it!!!!

3. You will be brought to another page with instructions on how to download the Pinterest HTML verification file to your web server. In Blogger you CANNOT do this. However, you can verify with a Meta Tag. Locate these words "Can't upload a file? Verify with a meta tag" and click on "Verify with a meta tag".

4. Your Verify with a meta tag page will look like the one below. While keeping this page up, open a new browser tab or page and go to your Blogger Dashboard.

5. In your Blogger Dashboard ---> Go to the Template page ---> Click on Edit HTML.

6. The Edit HTML page will open and you should see the <head> tag immediately. If not click on Control + F and the "Find Box" will populate in the top right corner. Type in <head> and you will be able to locate it.

7. Now head back over to the Pinterest tab and copy the meta tag they have provided to you. You can highlight it, right click on your mouse and select "Copy".

8. Switch back over to your Blogger Dashboard where the Edit HTML window is.
Locate the end of your Meta Tags and paste the Pinterest verification tag there.

9. BEFORE you click on Save Template.....Click on Preview and make sure your template is going to load correctly. If your blog loads correctly on the Preview, you can click on Save Template and go to Step 10. If it does not, click on Clear Edits and try these steps again or contact me for help! Email Me

10. Head back over to the Pinterest tab and on Step 2, click on the words "Click Here" to complete the Pinterest verification process.

Pinterest will verify the meta tag you added and you should see notification of your success.

Click on "Go to your profile" and look at the beauty that you have created!!!!