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March 31, 2013

Other Ways to Follow Your Favorite Blogs

Yes, it is true! On July 1st 2013, Google is retiring it's Reader. The big day is right around the corner and both bloggers and their subscribers are freaking out.

Google Friend Connect, known to many of us as GFC, is used by almost every Google Blogger Blog.  Currently, when a visitor decides to "Follow" your blog via GFC, they are receiving your posts in their Google Reader. Many of us have now been left scratching our heads. We are now left with the lingering question of, "How will our readers be notified of a new post?"

What other options do you have? You might just be surprised by the answer. Over the next couple of weeks I will go over many different options that we all have.

This blog series begins tomorrow with an option that even has an app for smart phones, so your readers will have easy access to all of your awesome posts.

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