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April 10, 2013

Five Key Reasons Why Chatwing Chat App Boosts Website Traffic Rates

Today, I am going to review a specific chat app that has been developed for websites, blogs, and any web page. Basically, it is now generating a buzz in the blogosphere and other areas of the Internet as well. So, what’s special about it? Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

The name of the application is Chatwing. Once you visit the chat tool’s website, you will see its simplicity and rich colors. You may believe that it will appeal to younger generations but it is meant for everyone. To tell you the truth: this simple application can boost your website’s online traffic rate. I will share five important reasons.

First, Chatwing initiates connectivity among users. Once you installed the chat tool to your blog, your visitors can log in with their social media accounts—Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Yahoo. These choices are optimum to anyone’s chatting experience. Second, the capacity of the chatbox reaches thousands everyday. Imagine: you have thousands of visitors talking to each other and sharing stuff. Information will travel fast.

The third reason points out to a unique feature: chatroom linking. As a Chatwing user, you can link your chatroom to other chatrooms within a niche or group. This can be done easily in your account dashboard. Just select a group that you want and presto, you are now connected. The fourth reason is the Guest setup. If visitors want to log in as guests, they can select from Chatwing’s adorable avatars and create their own names.

Lastly, everything happens in real-time in Chatwing. So, you can use the application as an update tool for your website. Are you planning a raffle? Discuss it in the Chatwing chatroom. Do you want to migrate to another site? Just leave a few words to your visitors. Simply put, Chatwing is a communication leverage that you cannot miss.

Author Bio:
Aaron Kong is an active web developer and technology enthusiast who believes in the power of communication. The core principles of Chatwing are based on open internet standards and freedom of speech. In his spare time he enjoys testing open source standards and open web protocols while continuing to develop Chatwing as the premiere chatroom service on the web.